Staff and customers at Leo's Coney Island in Davison share New Year's Resolutions

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DAVISON (WJRT) (01/01/18) - New Year's Day morning was filled with plenty of optimism at Leo's Coney Island in Davison.

"I'm always looking forward to a new year. My daughter is a senior, kid is graduating, I just got engaged. It's a good year, for sure," said server Lisa Laurain.

Staff and customers we spoke with had a wide range of resolutions for 2018.

"It's my first year at Mott Community College and I want to finish the school year with a 3.6 (grade point average) or higher," said customer Summer Bruce.

"My resolution is to become more motivated to become healthier so that I have more energy," said customer Catrina Prado.

Another diner, Gerald Slater, had a resolution that came with a side of gratitude.

"Staying healthy and I want to thank all the people at McLaren hospital. A week ago, I had some heart work done and they did a great job and I want to thank them very much for it," he said.

"I want to a bigger, positive influence in other people's lives. I'm going to keep working in the church and continue working in the middle school with the kids," said customer Shelly Hill.

As for server Mari Wilcox, she's resolving to make 2018 the year her dreams come true.

"I would love to find true love, a good, caring, hard working, family man," she said.

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