State Farm cutting auto insurance rates for Michigan drivers

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MICHIGAN (WJRT) (2/19/2019) - State Farm auto insurance customers will notice their bills down for a change thanks to a rate reduction for Michigan.

The state's largest insurer with 1.1 million policies active in Michigan is reducing rates by 3.5 percent for most drivers, saving drivers a total of $48.4 million statewide.

“We’re always evaluating how we can best serve our customers and are very pleased to be able to offer this rate decrease in Michigan,” said State Farm Vice President Agency Kelly O’Brien. “Improving expenses and losses were important factors, among many, that supported our decision to make this rate change.”

The reduction, which takes effect on March 25, will affect the base rate charged in Michigan. The effect on individual drivers and the insurance policies they choose may vary.

State Farm is encouraging customers to contact their insurance agent with any questions about the reduction and to discuss whether they qualify for other discounts.