State looks to recruit foster parents with #IFosterCare campaign during May

FLINT (WJRT) - (5/11/17) - Loving families needed. The state is making a big push to recruit foster families during the month of May, Foster Care month.

Nearly 13,000 children in Michigan need homes, according to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

They're hoping to see more people show their support on social media through the "I Foster Care" campaign.

"Hashtag I foster care with the heart emblem to support foster care awareness month and advertise for our need for foster parents is another way of getting the message out there to a lot of people, " said Mike Milks, Genesee County MDHHS child welfare director. "During this entire month we're asking Michiganders across the state to change their profile picture to that heart emblem to become a foster parent."

Milks says over the course of the last year in the county, about 550 children have been in foster care. They coordinate with a number of community partners to help meet the various needs of the children.

They're not looking for a certain number of foster families, but a unique array of qualified, stable homes. If they are not able to reunify the children with their families, then they are also looking for foster families who are willing to adopt.

"We have a foster parent that has had over a 100 children placed in their home, so it's a lot of stories that we hear about the differences they make to even foster parents who are unable to have children and have a child placed within their home," said Demona Willingham-Davis, Genesee County licensing and foster care supervisor for MDHHS.

If interested or if you just want to hear someone else tell you about their experience, you can call a foster care navigator. That's going to be an experienced foster parent or kinship caregiver. You can reach them at 855-MICH-KIDS.

You can participate in the social media campaign by clicking here.

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