State record bigmouth buffalo fish caught in Shiawassee River

Tyler Fisher of St. Charles caught this state record bigmouth buffalo in the Shiawassee River in May. (photo by Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (5/23/2019) - A fisherman from St. Charles caught the Michigan record bigmouth buffalo fish in the Shiawassee River earlier this month.

Tyler Fisher's fish weighed in at 32.01 pounds and 38 inches long, eclipsing the previous record fish caught in 2017 from the River Raisin in Monroe County. That bigmouth buffalo was 27 pound and 35.25 inches.

Fisher was bowfishing when the caught the record fish.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources verifies all state record fish based on weight only. Kathrin Schrouder, a DNR fisheries biologist out of Bay City, verified Fisher's new record.

Fisher's bigmouth buffalo is the 14th state record fish caught in the past 10 years. The DNR attributes the recent run of records to the growth and health of the Michigan’s world-class fisheries and their long-term management efforts.

The DNR reminds anglers who bowfish to properly dispose of all specimens they harvest. See the current roster of record-setting fish at