Staying healthy at home while social distancing

MICHIGAN, (WJRT) - It's a time where we're all adapting-- changing our daily routines to find the new norm.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people are staying inside their homes, trying to stay healthy and still get their workouts in.

The state of Michigan has now closed all gyms and while not everyone has a treadmill from Amazon-- there are still options.

Many gyms and person trainers offering online classes, some even turning to Youtube.

"Get scrappy and get crafty with figuring out ways to make it work," says Lapeer gym owner, Janelle Tank. "There are ways you just have to think of them."

It's about thinking outside of the box-- but inside of your home

"I was feeding the dog this morning, and I saw an unopened bag of dog food, it said 50 lbs on it and I started thinking of all the things I could do with this dog food," said Tank.

For Tank, she's not just thinking about herself, she's thinking about her clients who like most people are feeling anxious, uncertain and possibly falling into a bit of a rut," said Tank.

"We know that exercise is such a powerful way to combat that, so right now exercise is a symbol for in the midst of disruption and chaos its a symbol for choosing progress," she said.

There are so many options out there at a time where health needs to be our top priority.

Through a simple Youtube search, you can find hundreds of videos to do from the comfort of your own home. Not only social distancing from others, but also the couch.

"The reason that you feel good for 24 hours after that work out, is because you are experiencing confidence for choosing to make yourself better especially right now," said Tank.

So, while were all doing our best to maintain social distancing-- just because were at home doesn't mean we can only sit on the couch.

You should get up, get active and get your WORK IN on.