Stewart Avenue construction project to resume after budget issues forced it to stop

FLINT (WJRT) (4/11/2018) - The barrels are coming back out along Steward Ave as a project in Flint is finally being finished.

"So we would have built a whole new road, they would have come back in later and ripped it back up," says Keith Brown with the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The road work began in the summer of 2016, but it was just ripped apart and left. That's because the City of Flint ran our of funding for the additional project they were hoping to do once it was started.

"After we started the project there was talk about the water main because they wanted to get that replaced so the project was put on hold," says Brown.

Many residents, like Pamela Griffin wondered what was happening to the road they used on a daily basis.

"Yeah we wondered what was wrong," says Griffin. "Why was only the one side torn up. So yeah, that was a little inconvenient.

While the state grant was covering the portion of reconstruction, it wouldn't cover the water main replacement.

The city currently does have the allocated money for the water mains, so both sections of the project can finally go through.

The section of Stewart Ave between Dort Highway west to James P. Cole Boulevard will be seeing the full reconstruction and will be difficult to navigate until September when the project wraps up.

The money for the road project is coming from a Michigan economic development grant.

"They put it on hold, then had to talk to the city, get the funding for the water main, design it and now were ready to start the project," says Brown.

The $2.5 million grant is focusing in on Stewart Avenue because of its location and the amount of traffic it sees.

The city of Flint will be funding the $1.2 million for the water main installation. Construction begins on April 12 and is set to end in September.

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