Still not fixed: Ransomware attack in Genesee County will hamper some county business again Monday

Published: Apr. 7, 2019 at 11:33 AM EDT
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(04/07/19) - A ransomware attack on Genesee County continues to have lingering effects.

The county is now saying business will not return to normal by Monday like they had hoped.



The county has made progress since discovering the attack Tuesday.

At least now e-mail services have been restored, but now the county says because of the "aggressiveness" of the attack there has been a "setback."

Friday ABC12 talked to the cyber defense program director at Baker College-Flint about what the county may be up against when dealing with ransomware.

"The first thing it deletes any backups that you actually have and isolates that computer. It takes every file that you have - anything that's important to you, it zips them all together or compresses them all together in one little spot and then encrypts that piece," Doug Witten said.

Witten says the information is essentially held hostage for a price.

Last week the tax office was among the departments hampered, not accepting most payments or able to give information.

The county said that no data has been released, but Saturday reminded everyone that it is a "fluid situation with constant changes."