Storm causes damage around Mt. Morris

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(5/19/2019) - It was a close call for one mid-Michigan family during that severe weather Sunday.

The winds did some damage around Mount Morris enough to cause a few trees to come down of a course of several miles.

As soon as the storm passed clean-up was underway at the Bedsole's home off Alexandrie Avenue.

"And it just started pouring down rain the rain was going sideways. Then all of sudden we heard this crack super loud."

Sunday's storm caused a large tree branch to fall in their front lawn just feet away from their living room.

"It probably would have taken the whole living room out,” Judy Bedsole said. “It would have crushed it,” Mike Bedsole said.

One of Bedsole’s goldens even helped pick up after the storm rolled through Genesee County.

Some of the tree branches fell onto a portion of the driveway. This could have caused another major problem for the Bedsole family.

Judy says her daughter was heading over to their house to drop off her grandkid because of the storms coming through.

She says she usually parks where this tree fell down, but because her grandson was taking his time to leave it might have saved them.

"Yea, I'm glad he was being lazy," Judy said.