Storm causing major flood damage along Saginaw Bay in Bay County

Published: Apr. 14, 2018 at 11:26 PM EDT
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(4/14/2018) - Around a dozen families in one subdivision had to find another place to stay tonight to escape from rising waters.

"Wood all over the place, Debris all over the place coming up the road and everything,” Wenona Beach Estate resident, Barbra Killey said.

Rising waters pushed several families in Wenona Beach Estates to seek shelter.

“Instead of going out one of the three doors I had to climb out the back window, and even there was still in two feet of water,” Wenona Beach Estate resident Olivia Deardoff said.

She’s returning home from work is checking to see the damage done to her home.

“The porch is gone, and we've had that porch for a very long time. So, it's a little upsetting,” Deardoff said.

Deardoff saw her porch scattered several feet away from her doorstep.

Her families fence in the front yard torn apart by fierce winds.

“The fence was replaced, but it's now broken off again. So, it's going to have to be replaced again,” Deardoff said.

Dearoff wasn't the only to see the damage done to her home.

One home started to see siding blown off and a couple of places around had debris scattered in yards and roads.

A couple attempted to pick up the pieces.

“This year the water came up a lot farther than it did last year at this time. I mean down the roads they evacuated a lot of people this time also, and they also evacuated a lot of people last year,” Killey said.

Deardoff says, fortunately, water didn't make its way into her home. And hopefully, it won't overnight.

“It's gone down a lot. This morning it was up to the end of the road at least. So year it's gone down quite a bit,” Deardoff said.