Student-run greenhouse grows with help of donation

BIRCH RUN (WJRT) - (06/06/17) - They say green is good, but it's even better when it can be educational. Now, students at Birch Run High school are getting that experience.

"A real true experience of growing them the right way and making them grow healthy," said tenth grade student, Adam Wenzlick.

It's not your typical high school class, but the students of Birch Run High School say it's quite the educational experience.

"I think it's really crazy because you get to work in your school," Wenlick said. "At college, you have to pay for it and here and you just get the education right here. Now I really do know that I want to own a farm when I grow up."

After a donation from Michigan State University, students now have a home for their growing gardens and creative ideas.

"It is through the 4H extension program to promote home gardening," said teacher Jan Pollard. "Teaching the kids how simple it can be to plant a seed, to plant a simple garden and supplement their grocery bill."

While everyone doesn't have Green Thumb, all it takes is a little bit of effort and willingness to learn.

"They're removed from agriculture a lot and I have excited so many kids to start their own garden," Pollard said.

The best part is, the plants come from donations of seeds and then the crops go right back into the community.

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