Students deliver bottled water to Flint apartment complex in need of clean water

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/27/16) - People living in a Flint apartment complex say they haven't had clean, bottled water delivered in months - even after calling for help.

Residents of the Richert Manor apartments say their frustration with the water emergency is only increasing as more time passes. They say they feel forgotten, but are thankful there are groups out there who still want to help.

A group called Socialist Students brought 70 cases of water to the facility. They came from Ann Arbor, Detroit, Dearborn, Kalamazoo and Chicago.

The women who organized the trip talked to ABC12.

"It's basically students all over the country that are seeing the crisis that are happening in Standing Rock and Flint and recognize there are immediate things that need to be done," said Keely Mullen. "There's water that needs to be delivered, but there's also, you know, we can help build a movement on the ground. We can be supportive to the people doing the work in Flint."

The water was gone within 15 minutes of being delivered. Residents say they hadn't had bottled water in a while.

Some expressed concern after calling 211 and not receiving any deliveries.

"This is the first time we got some water in, like I say, three months," said Michael Payne, who’s also a counselor at the apartment complex.

Although at one point there was more than enough water to go around, Payne says that time has long passed.

Some of the residents can't get to the distribution sites to pick up water, especially in these cold months.

"I appreciate it very much because, like I said, we have a lot of senior citizens, people in wheelchairs who can't get around," Payne said.

Socialist Students say they want to work with local activists to do even more to help out. They are planning to take part in various protests about the water crisis.

Meanwhile, a representative for 211 says they don't deliver water to apartments unless someone is physically unable to pick up the water. In that case, they say they'll deliver the water directly to that resident. They also stress the importance of using the water filters, especially for residents who do not have the ability to get to a distribution site.

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