Students from Flint, Detroit, Rhode Island blessing the community Friday

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FLINT (WJRT) (5/4/2018) - A service project is bringing together students from Rhode Island, Flint and Detroit at Eagle's Nest Academy in Flint.

The students are participating in Better World Day sponsored by EL Education, the educational model for Eagle's Nest, University Prep in Detroit and The Greene School in Rhode Island.

Students from all three schools learned about the Flint water crisis this year. On Friday, they got a chance to pitch in and help the community overcome the crisis.

The 40 students from University Prep in Detroit, 15 from The Greene School in Rhode Island and 64 from Eagle's Nest are working on various projects around Flint.

Fourth- and fifth-graders were cleaning up debris in the Pierson Road area while fifth- and sixth-graders were handing out water and care packets to elderly neighbors.

"It feels good," said Willa Phillips, a student at The Greene School in Rhode Island. "Even though we're all from different communities, I feel like we're all coming together and it does feel like we're one community here."

EL Education students were working on more than 100 service projects in 24 states Friday.

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