Students, staff excited for former Athletic Director's new gig at MSU

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BEECHER (WJRT) (2/20/2020) - The Beecher Bucs added a little green to their colors Thursday, celebrating a win for one of their own.

"I've been preparing for 14 years for this opportunity right here. It's been 14 years of blood, sweat and a couple tears driving home that have prepared me for this opportunity," Coach Courtney Hawkins said.

In the spot where he typically watches his players sign on to their dream college team, Coach Hawkins announced his move to Michigan State University.

He's been tapped as the Spartans new wide receivers coach.

Beecher High School Junior Danny Bradley comment, "I was sad about it, but at the end of the day I know Coach Hawk is very happy."

And, that's one each one of his players said is important.

"It's a good move, like it's meant for him, and he deserves it," Senior Earnest Sanders said.

He explained they respect Coach Hawkins not just because of his 9 years in the NFL; but because after that, he came back to Beecher.

"He's like a second father to me, like he's just like anything that I needed, I could call him and we could talk and you know, he's just always been there," Sanders added.

Coach Hawkins' coworkers said that's what makes him so special. For him, it was never just about being just the best athlete.

"What he does for kids in the area, especially here at Beecher is say, I was you at one point in time, anything you want to do is possible if you put God first, if you work hard at it," head assistant basketball coach Marquise Gray said.

Superintendent, Dr. Marcus Davenport, added, "The good thing is that, the foundation that he's laid will continue and our students will continue to be great not just athletically but academically; and that's what's important."

Now Beecher will try to move on, while continuing its athletic excellence under Hawkins.

The district has decided to have three interim Athletic Directors at the moment.

Head assistant basketball coach, Marquise Gray, Head Basketball Coach Mike Williams and Athletic Secretary Trayc Cunningham will run the department.

Beecher's Superintendent said the district will start a full search soon. Dr. Davenport is confident in several candidates already with the district.

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