Study guide released by MDCR to help educators teach about the Flint Water Crisis

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LANSING (WJRT) - (04/23/2019) - It's been almost five years since Flint's water emergency began.
As we mark another year the focus is now sharing lessons learned and making sure it doesn't happen again.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights is making sure the story of what happened in Flint is shared.

Tuesday they released a new study guide from the 2017 report to help educators teach lessons about the Flint water emergency.

"We recognized that there is a need to provide some organized way of studying the report," said Agustin Arbulu, MDCR Director.

The report released in 2017 by the Michigan Civil Rights Commission was over 100 pages.

In it, a study finding systematic racism playing a role in the decisions and actions that lead to the water crisis.

But Arbulu wanted the report to be easy to understand for everyone, including young students.

"We focused on how could we put together a study guide that could be available to anyone who not only wanted to read the report and provide some useful hints on how they might want to tackle the report," said Arbulu.

One of those students - believes this is a topic that should be taught in schools now.

"To see modern history being made and I just wish it would be taught more quickly because text books come out every 5-10 years,” said Alex Hosey, a sophomore at East Lansing High School. “Why not have things updated more quickly? You have the internet now, why not just update things put it online, online text books that sort of thing so people are more informed, more quickly."

And that's what the goal of this report is - to reach the classrooms.

"We plan to promote the tool; we plan to go across the state and connect with schools across the state to find opportunities to engage students with the tool," said Alfredo Hernandez, an Equity Officer with the MDCR.

The study guide is available online for free at or by clicking the link attached to this page.

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