Study: multivitamins, supplements may not be as beneficial as you think

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FLINT (WJRT) (06/12/18) -- A new study out by the Journal American College of Cardiology shows taking vitamins and supplements for cardiovascular health may not be beneficial to the human body.

In fact, depending on what you're taking, it may be doing more harm than good.

"There is not sufficient evidence from a lot of studies that support taking multivitamins to decrease risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease or strokes," said Dr. Sara Elsayed, a family doctor with McLaren Health.

And Dr. Elsayed says it's not just heart health the supplements don't necessarily benefit.

"Vitamin D and Calcium. People like taking those supplements to help with their bone health, but until today, there's not much evidence that we can find for young healthy people, that those vitamins d and calcium would decrease the risk for fracture," she said.

But certain vitamins, minerals and supplements can be beneficial, depending on why the person may be taking them.

"Pregnant women, they have to be on a folic acid supplement, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy to decrease the risk of babies having neurological problems."

Dr. Elsayed says people may also take vitamin B6 along with other medications to improve the body's nervous system.

She says, it's when people take the multivitamins or supplements without a medical reason, is where there's not much benefit to the body.

"So it depends on the brand, how much is there in that pill and you never know what is the maximum limit you can take or the minimum so you never know when you're actually harming yourself."

Dr. Elsayed recommends having a talk with your doctor before starting a vitamin or supplement regimen to determine if it will in fact be beneficial to you.

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