Supreme Court takes case involving lawyer Mike Morse

The Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether employees making assault allegations against their employers can be forced to go through private arbitration rather than file a lawsuit in open court.
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DETROIT (AP) (9/19/2019) - The Michigan Supreme Court is stepping into a legal dispute involving a popular personal-injury lawyer who is accused of sexually assaulting two women.

Mike Morse is accused of inappropriately grabbing a paralegal and a receptionist, and making sexual comments. The issue for the Supreme Court is whether the claims should go through private arbitration or proceed publicly as lawsuits in Oakland and Wayne county courts.

The Supreme Court says it will hear arguments in the months ahead.

Morse denies the allegations. He also says the claims must go through arbitration under an agreement signed by employees at his firm. But the state appeals court in March disagreed, saying arbitration behind closed doors for assault allegations "would effectively perpetuate a culture that silences victims."

The case is being closely watched by employment lawyers.

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