Surge of online support fuels Flint church to schedule four bottled water distributions

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FLINT (WJRT) - (01/02/19) - Flint is back in the national spotlight.

This - after a rush of online support, including actor Ben Stiller, to provide funding for bottled water to families in the Vehicle City.

The money will now allow a local church to reopen its doors and supply water for the next few weeks.

West Court Street Church of God in Flint is going to be handing out two cases for each family on each Saturday in January.

The pastor says it's all thanks to people who shared the #SaveFlintChallenge hashtag via social media.

For months, the GoFundMe pages to provide bottled water were low on donations but other campaigns unexpectedly gave a boost Flint's water crisis support.

"It was three days into the Trump Wall GoFundMe, explains Pastor Rob Butler of West Court Street Church of God. "It was at $3 million at that point. I was like $3 million for a wall? And we're supposed to have Mexico pay for it? Here's Flint, Michigan and I need $50,000 to raise money for one year's worth of water distribution at the church."

His prayers were answered, at least for the next four weeks.

The church is still in need of a loaner forklift to move the cases off the trucks.

It would cost $500 to rent one.

The Saturday distributions will begin at noon.

For future updates or directions to the church, check their Facebook page provided in the 'Related Links' section.

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