Swartz Creek Schools' Dragon Diner delivers meals to hungry students in need

Published: Jul. 22, 2019 at 5:14 PM EDT
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(07/22/19) -- Helping those in need, one meal and one neighborhood at a time. A decommissioned Swartz Creek School bus is giving meals on wheels an entire new meaning.

"Months of preparation, months of brainstorming, a lot of asking forgiveness rather than permission and just keeping our eyes on the prize, the goal of feeding as many kids," said Swartz Creek Schools Food Service Director Michael Wensel.

Inside the Dragon Diner, you'll find a kitchen with food service workers helping to fill hungry stomachs, at no charge.

"Feeding some of our first customers is just ecstatic. I'm so ecstatic, I've been waiting for this to go out and today is the day," Wensel said.

The free program is open to students in and around Genesee County who are 22 years old and under. The Dragon Diner will travel to various neighborhoods up to 4 times a week during the summer months, serving both breakfast and lunch.

"There's poverty stricken communities. There's communities where parents can't bring their kids where they need to go because they're working 1-3 jobs. So this is a creative solution to a problem we're all aware of that there are kids even in our backyard that are going hungry."

We spoke to one parent who didn't want to appear on camera. It's a big weight lifted off her shoulders.

"It helps me out a lot. Tomorrow they have breakfast up here, so I don't have to make them breakfast, I just gotta get them dressed and bring them up here," said April Ott.

Community donations and support have helped make the Dragon Diner a reality. The diner will be serving up breakfast at Burkshire Pointe Apartments in Swartz Creek Tuesday morning from 8:00-9:00 a.m.