Swartz Creek girl closer to having seizure detecting dog at home

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Swartz Creek (WJRT) - (08/02/19) - The effort to keep Kinley Fox's silent seizures away is stronger than ever, and continues Saturday with a softball tournament and benefit at Union City Fields in Flint Township.

ABC12 first introduced you to 5-year-old Kinley last September.

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Kinley has been hanging out with new friend, Flash, lately. The little girl who was told she'd never walk and who has been plagued by terrifying silent seizures, has been getting acquainted with the German Shepherd puppy who could one day save her life.

"So the goal is for him to get one of us if she goes into a seizure, whether he comes and nudges her, barks and make sounds," said dad Cory Fox.

Cory and Faith Fox have literally been restless while their daughter's seizures have struck without warning, mostly at night.

"The seizures - she still has them. We switched up her medicine so they've been I guess less frequent than what they were before," Cory said.

Before, Cory decided to quit his job to watch Kinley sleep through the night while mom Faith worked third shift. Their schedules have changed a bit since then and so has Kinley's condition.

"We think she's having a different type of seizure now than what she was having before. She goes into laughing," Cory explained. "She'll still be coherent like walking around but she's just laughing so they think that's a new type of seizure she's having."

In addition to epilepsy, Kinley is deaf and has other health challenges, but none of that is a match for her fighting spirit. She's understanding more sign language and playing more than ever with 4-year-old brother Easton.

Kinley did have a severe seizure in May that left her hospitalized for two days. Since then, Cory and Faith say the seizures have been sporadic.

Flash doesn't stay with the Fox family full time just yet, but he does visit. He's continuing his training while the family raises money through a coed softball tournament to pay for his training. They're hoping to raise at least $2,000 through registering teams, selling T-shirts and through a raffle.

"I feel a lot better now that I'm home at night and I can see her as well, wake up, check on her and make sure she's still breathing. And knowing that Flash is going to be here soon, it really helps," Faith said.

If you want to get involved, visit Kinley's Coed Softball Tournament on Facebook.

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