Swartz Creek residents spend the night cleaning up downed trees after storms

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SWARTZ CREEK, Michigan (WJRT) - (07/15/2019) - From downed trees, to downed power lines, to flooded roads, Mother Nature wreaked havoc in neighborhoods near Swartz Creek High School and Winchester Woods/Village subdivision Monday evening.

"The wind was unbelievable," said resident Lisa Dooley,"the rain was wrapping around."

The storm took out part of her neighbor's gutter and the downspout.

"A lot of clean up," said Sylvia Lambaria,"the chain saw is on the way."

"Happy Birthday to me," exclaimed Mark Nelson.

The 47-year old is celebrating his birthday by cleaning up the mess at his mother-in-law's house after a large tree came down in the front yard.

"We were very lucky it didn't hit her house," said Joan Bovee, "it just clipped part of her house."

Jason and Andrea Riedel weren't quite as lucky. A large tree smashed the windshielf of the pick-up truck parked in their driveway.

Anne Bendall said rising water caused her to panic, with the water level creeping up to her garage:

"Everything was under water," she noted.

While the water eventually subsided, she's left with a mess to clean up:

"Everything's wet in the basement so that will be a big job," she added.

Mike Jones lives on Don Shenk Drive, just two streets over, shared a picture of his street underwater Monday evening.

Brent Stowell, the owner of DaVinci Curbing, said the first playoff game of the summer recreation baseball league for teens was originally scheduled for Monday night.

"It was a heavy tree," he said, "tree came down, hit the bench and completely obliterated it."

Thankfully no one was sitting on the bench at the time, as the game was scheduled to start at 6pm.

No injuries have been reported and first responders want to keep it that way.

Swartz Creek Area Fire Department Chief Dave Plumb says they are responding to reports of downed wires at at least 30 homes.

He cautions residents to use extreme caution if walking in an area impacted by the storm:

"Watch for power lines, stay away from the power lines, don't touch, don't approach," Plumb said, "just contact us, if you haven't already."