Swearing in ceremony for new Flint City Council

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FLINT (WJRT) (11/13/170 - There's a new look to the Flint City Council. Five new members were sworn in Monday afternoon.

For the past two years, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver has locked horns with the city council over the best path for the city. With five new members on the council, people are hopeful a new spirit of cooperation will emerge.

"I think the biggest issue will be pulling the city back together after a number of divisive years. But, frankly, I think the energy today suggests they may be able to pull it off," said Paul Rozycki, political consultant.

All nine council members were sworn in. It was a new experience for five of them.

Water will be high on their overall agenda. The previous council had resisted efforts to sign a 30-year contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority, also known as GLWA.

Mayor Karen Weaver favors a contract with GLWA as does the state.
U.S. District Judge David Lawson recently announced he wants a decision from Flint by next Monday.

In addition to dealing with a water contract, council members want to make the city more attractive to business and to clean up blight. Weaver is hopeful her office and the new council will see eye to eye more often.

"It's a new day. One of the things we talked about is leaving the past in the past and move forward. We've got a lot of business to take care of. I'm expecting that's what they want to do as well. You know the people spoke. they wanted change. They wan to see good things happen for this city. They also said the spotlight is on us," Weaver said.

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