Swine flu detected at the Shiawassee County Fair, hog barn shutdown

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (08/10/18) - The swine flu has been detected in one of the hogs at the Shiawassee County Fair and a total of seven hogs are now receiving care in quarantine.

The pig barn was shut down to guests late Friday afternoon.

According to the fair director, all of the healthy hogs are being screened and shipped out.

Each one gets a temperature check before getting loaded up.

The county health department says swine flu can be transmitted to humans, but you have to come into close contact with the animal, so they'll be keeping a close watch on all of their exhibitors and fair goers.

Anyone who experiences flu like symptoms after a fair visit should contact their physician and let them know where you were.

All other animal exhibits will remain open to visitors through the end of the fair.

It runs through Saturday August 11.

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