Switchfoot celebrates 20 years and 10 albums in Michigan this week

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DETROIT (WJRT) - (09/25/2016) - "I remember when we were first headlining as a band years ago, our first headlining tour, we had one of our best shows ever at St Andrews," Switchfoot drummer Chad Butler says. "And yeah, ever since the crowd in Detroit has been singin' along with us louder than most places and there's a really incredible energy there. It's a great town for music."
This week should be no exception as Switchfoot comes to The Fillmore Detroit Wednesday before hitting Deltaplex Arena in Grand Rapids Thursday. And for the San Diego band's twentieth anniversary, they're bringing along their old friends Reliant K, which drummer Chad Butler is very excited about.
"We've been longtime friends and have a mutual respect for each other's art and have collaborated in the past. And yeah, it's gonna be a dream tour for us."
Both bands have new music to play for the the tour. And Butler says he can't wait to see how songs from their 10th album Where The Light Shines Through go over live.
"This record was a couple years in the making, and it was a tough one to make. I think after 9 records together, what do you do for your tenth? You really gotta push yourself to new places. And in the process, we'd thought a lot about how are these songs gonna translate on tour? So picking the songs and shaping the songs, we always had this fall, this particular tour, in mind."
Butler says how the band makes records has evolved over their 20 years and 10 albums. And he thinks the fan's acceptance of what they've done throughout their career so far has helped push them to be more creative.
"I think we definitely feel a freedom to try new things, and to say things in a more honest, vulnerable way. You know, I think you become more comfortable in your own skin after so many years and so many records together. And we're really, I think, in a place where you learn from each album, you learn from each tour. And looking back I'd say this record took us the last nine albums to make it."
The music won't be all that's new on the tour, the band is also offering a special VIP package that includes the chance to sit sidestage during the show. Something Butler says was inspired by their own experiences.
"We got invited to stand side stage when the Foo Fighters came through San Diego, our hometown, a few months back. And that gave us this idea where, we were like, 'You know what, this is the best seat in the house! You're so close to the band, you're right there feelin' the energy. Let's give our fans the chance to experience that as well.'"

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