Tall Ship celebration prepares for high heat & humidity

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BAY CITY (WJRT) - (7/17/19) - Hot weather is moving in, just in time for the Tall Ship Celebration in Bay City that begins Thursday and lasts through the weekend.

Vendors are already preparing for a one-two punch of blistering heat and humidity, bringing in thousands of bottles of water.

"We're very cognizant of keeping our volunteers hydrated throughout the event. That's always a concern, even when it's not so hot. We are hoping that this breeze continues which we're very fortunate to be on the river and usually experience that," said Scott Ellis, Director of Marketing for Tall Ship organizer Bay Sail.

Nine tall ships will join the Appledore for this summer's event, that will utilize more than 500 volunteers and workers, as well as welcoming thousands of visitors from all over the country.

"We're also encouraging everyone to be smart, please wear sunscreen, a hat, light weight clothing, stay hydrated, hydrate in advance, you know, all of those things whenever you're doing an outdoor event," added Ellis.

Medical staff and police will be on both sides of the river to assist anyone who might need assistance should they succumb to heat index values that will top 100 degrees on Friday.

Even event workers can misjudge just how hot it can be.

"Got too busy with work and forgot. Just got light-headed and everybody was rushing over to me, telling me to drink water," commented Kyle Waters, a worker for A.B.O Tent & Event Services.

"Well, if I don't stay hydrated I get cramps in my legs, so I stay hydrated, it's the best policy," said Emilie Bertrand from Sleepy Eye, Minnesota.

With a heat index value expected to soar well past 100 degrees heading on into the weekend, Tall Ship organizers hope an on-shore breeze may provide a little bit of Mother Nature's air-conditioning.

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