Tax incentives, retirement changes among top laws of 2017

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) - (12/23/2017) New economic development tax incentives and the cost of retirement benefits for public-sector workers dominated Michigan's list of new laws in 2017.

Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers also approved measures designed to fix a troubled unemployment benefits system and to keep criminals from re-offending.

The Republican governor has signed 245 bills, with many more awaiting his signature after a burst of voting in recent weeks - the halfway point of the GOP-led Legislature's two-year term.

The top laws of the year include coaxing new school employees into 401(k)-only retirement plans and the passage of two separate packages of tax breaks for companies.

Snyder and legislators also made changes to a troubled unemployment benefits system and moved to stop "doctor shopping" by people addicted to painkillers.

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