Teachers to Wear Red for Ed Wednesday

Published: Jan. 9, 2017 at 7:01 PM EST
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(1/9/17) - Teachers across the country will be wearing red Wednesday to stand up for public education and against Betsy Devos.

She's President-elect Donald Trump's cabinet pick for the Secretary of Education.

Senate hearings begin Wednesday to confirm her spot. The teachers and their supporters are hoping they're loud enough to remove Devos from the position.

"We are very concerned because you now have someone who is going to be dictating public education policy for the entire country with no background of experience," explained Frank Burger, President of the Carman Ainsworth Education Association.

Local teachers tell ABC12 News DeVos has never held a position in public education, so they don't understand why she has the right to decide how public schools will be run.

They think this pick shows you can pay your way to the top.

The Facebook group "wear red for ed" has been around for a while now. It has nearly 7,000 'likes' in support of the grassroots effort.

The President of the United Teachers of Flint union, Karen Christian, tells ABC12 News she expects DeVos will make even more cuts to public education over the next four years, so she's concerned how this pick will affect the students.

Christian explained, "Less money coming in to the public schools, less money we have to help with these children that are coming in from the 0 to 6 age that have been effected by the lead in the water. So less water for early childhood spending, funding for the classrooms and for the special programs for them. If the money goes to parochial schools and charter schools, then it doesn't do us any good in trying to fight this water crisis that we have going on."

The teachers tell ABC12 News they have received a lot of support in their efforts from parents.

And they said if you would like to participate you're encouraged to spread the word and, of course, to wear red with them this Wednesday.