Teen testifies he saw 15-year-old shoot, kill Nasir Owens

SAGINAW (WJRT) - (03/14/19) - A Facebook post made about Bridgeport High School senior's dead family member leads to a confrontation and the death of the 18-year-old.

That's the testimony from one of the three people who was with Nasir Owens on the evening of Dec. 15 when he was shot and killed.

Three witnesses took the stand Thursday in the preliminary exam. The hearing will determine if there's enough evidence to move the case to Saginaw County Circuit Court for a possible trial.

The suspect in Owens' death is 15-years-old. And while he's charged as an adult, the judge agree to keep his name and image out of the media at this point.

The first person to testify was Officer Desirae Kzinowek with the Saginaw Police Department.

Kzinowek gave Owens CPR when she arrived. "I immediately noticed he had at least one apparent gunshot wound to the middle of his forehead. He was laying on his back with no shirt. I checked for a pulse, he didn't have one. Didn't appear that he was breathing," she said.

The two other witnesses, who are 18-years-old or younger, are not being identified.

The first told the court Nasir Owens had seen a Facebook post made by the defendant.

The post was considered disrespectful to Owens' uncle who was murdered in 2007.

That witness said Owens and the defendant already had a "beef" with one another, and the post was a tipping point.

The two agreed to meet and fight.

They ended up in the parking lot of the now-vacant Nelle Haley Elementary School at the corner of Livingston Drive and W. Auburn Drive in the city of Saginaw.

The teen witness said he and Owens were in a car with two other people.

The four had been in the parking lot smoking marijuana, but briefly left after making plans to meet with the defendant.

When they returned to the parking lot the teen witness told the court the 15-year-old defendant and a second man started shooting.

He said Owens was hit during the first round of shooting, while he was grazed in the head when shots rang out a second time.

A third person was hit in the shoulder.

Two of them ran to a nearby house to call 911, while the third person ran off, according to the witness.

This preliminary exam is expected to continue next Friday. The prosecution hopes to call one additional witness.

The 15-year-old is charged with eight felonies including murder.

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