Test results: St. Charles police station didn't cause rash of cancers

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ST. CHARLES (WJRT) (1/12/2018) - Test results show worries about the St. Charles Police Department's station causing a rash of cancers appear to be unfounded.

AKT Peerless conducted a thorough environmental study of the small village's police station after a former police chief resigned and Saginaw County Sheriff Bill Federspiel removed his deputies from the building.

Those actions were in response to a rash of cancer cases reported by two former St. Charles village police chiefs, an officer and a sheriff's deputy, who all were diagnosed while working in the building.

However, the AKT Peerless study found only one carcinogen above appropriate levels: Naphthaline, which it says hasn't been proven to cause cancer in humans.

Village officials say there were contaminants found buried under the parking lot. AKT Peerless recommended further testing and clean-up.

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