Testimony continues in Candy Lawson trial, accused of locking up sister

Published: Sep. 13, 2017 at 1:13 PM EDT
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(09/13/17) - UPDATE: Many officers who responded to the home on July 9, 2015, took the stand Wednesday.

Michigan State Police Detective Sergeant Bradley Ross says he questioned Lawson in his vehicle following the discovery of Lawson's sister, Dianna, in the estimated 7 by 4 foot closet.

He says there was a lock on the door, a mattress standing up against the wall and a bucket with human waste in it.

Det/Sgt. Bradley asked Lawson to explain.

On the recording we could hear Lawson reply, "That's her choice. If I decide to go outside and piss in my yard, that's my choice. I can't help what she does sometimes." Det/Sgt. Bradley started, "Is it her choice to be locked in that small room?" But Lawson cut him off, "Okay, but if I let her wander and she gets hit by a car, then whose fault is it?"

Det/Sgt. Ross says he interviewed Lawson for about a half hour.

During the interview Lawson explained that Dianna, who cannot speak or hear, was locked inside what Lawson referred to as a bedroom only overnight, because she wanders.

When Dianna was found hospital records show she weighed just 71 pounds.

Lawson told investigators she let her sister eat whatever and whenever she wants, but that she was thin because she would force herself to throw up.

Lawson had been taking care of her adopted sister for the past 7 years. At the time she was arrested, they had lived in Corunna for about a year.

Detective Ross pointed out Lawson contradicted herself a few times in their conversation.

"She had said that Dianna was combative for one thing, but then she made statements later in the interview, which it appeared that she didn't like to go outside. She didn't like to do anything but sit," he explained.


(09/13/2017) - Testimony continued on Wednesday in the trial for Candy Lawson, who is accused of locking her special needs sister in a closet for seven years.

Owosso Police Officer Matt Fray told the jury how he responded to a welfare check call at Lawson's home in Corunna in July 2015. A handyman had called 911 to voice concerns about what he saw upstairs in the home.

Fray said he smelled a strong odor of feces and urine when he entered the home. He found Lawson's sister, Dianna, and she was transported to an area hospital.

Dianna, who is deaf and mute, weighed only 74 pounds when she was located.

Also on the the witness stand Wednesday, a Michigan State Police trooper who questioned Lawson the day when Dianna was located told the jury about the conversation.

Stay tuned to ABC12 News this afternoon and evening for more on what the trooper said about his conversation with Lawson and why Lawson said she left her sister in the closet.