The Beach Boys team up with one of Motown's finest

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STERLING HEIGHTS (WJRT) - (07/19/16) - "It's really incredible," Mike Love says with a tone of astonishment, even more than 50 years into his legendary career as the singer of The Beach Boys. "I mean, it's so amazing that what we did as a hobby as a family turned into a profession, and a longlasting one at that."
The 75 year old is still on the road year round having Fun, Fun, Fun, and he says even as he gets older, it's easy to keep touring the world when you get to share these kinds of songs night after night.
"First of all, you're doing something that you really love. It's not that we went into a music career because we thought we were going to be famous, or we thought we were such great singers or anything like that. But the love of the harmonies and the appreciation of the messages in the songs."
Many of The Beach Boys classics were collaborations between Love and his cousin Brian WIlson. And looking back after a half century, Mike says he still can't believe how some of the songs came together so easily.
"Well it's pretty miraculous I think. You know, I sat down at the piano with my cousin Brian, I'd come up with a concept or he'd have an idea for a song. For instance Good Vibrations, he worked on this track in multiple studios over several months time and finally came up with the composite of what became the hit single Good Vibrations, and then I came up with, (sings) 'I'm pickin' up good vibrations, she's givin' me the excitations." And I wrote all the words to go with the fantastic track that he'd done. And so there was a true collaboration there, and that resulted in a number one record, not only in the U.S. but around the world."
Friday, Love and the current lineup of The Beach Boys, which also features longtime member Bruce Johnston, will bring their 50 Years of Good Vibrations Tour to Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Sterling Heights tonight along with The Four Tops. And Mike says the fans are in for quite a treat with the pairing.
"It's wonderful, because nobody had more hit records ever in modern musical history than Motown. So when you come to a show with The Tempts (Temptations) or The (Four) Tops and The Beach Boys, you've got a heck of a lot of hits that you're going to be hearing that night."
And as he looks out into the crowds each night, Love especially enjoys seeing how his music reaches people of all ages.
"We see multiple generations at our concerts, which is awesome. We see grandparents with their children and grandchildren coming to our shows all the time. And it's amazing how our music transcends generations. It's really positive, for me it's really rewarding to see that our music creates such happiness and positivity in so many people."
It's quite a milestone year for Mike. He turned 75, is celebrating 50 years since the release of the singles Good Vibrations and Barbara Ann and their classic album Pet Sounds, and he's releasing an autobiography, Good Vibrations: My Life As A Beach Boy this fall. And he says writing the book was rewarding, but also difficult at times.
"You know, it was quite the journey, I gotta tell you. Sometimes it was very emotional, there's some spectacular highs and some real lows too. So it was an emotional thing and it was kinda incredible to look back on my life. And I've never really spoken from my point of view about what really happened and how things happened, and it's not all great. But it chronicles, from my perspective, the ups and downs of the ride."
One major thing Mike took out of taking this in depth look at his life and career was how lucky he has been to be part of something that is so special to so many people.
"I always think of the music and the positivity of the music. That's the major contribution The Beach Boys have made to life on the planet is the positivity and happiness that our music has generated for so many millions of people."

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