The Motortown All-Stars perform at the Cruise 'N' Concert, remember Aretha Franklin

Published: Aug. 18, 2018 at 10:58 AM EDT
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(08/18/18) - Before their performance at Back to the Bricks Friday, the Motortown All-Stars shared there thoughts about Aretha Franklin. The undisputed Queen of Soul passed away Thursday in her Detroit home at age 76.

"Well, Aretha really put Michigan on the map in many ways, most the artists that reached her status, of course, were birthed at the Motown music factory, but Aretha went her own way, carved her own niche, and showed people the talent that actually resided in this state," said band member David Finley.

"Aretha actually was a friend of my wife's. They used to stay done the street from each other growing up," said band member Douglas Gaddy. "So, I got to meet her and know her coming up, and it's really sad, you know."

The Motortown All-Stars put on a show in The Vehicle City, performing classic Motown hits on the Cruise 'N' Concert riverfront stage.

"She was a really talented person and outside of the talent she was a good and funny person," Gaddy said.

The Motortown All-Stars are comprised of different members of Motown bands and tour around the world.