The Oak Ridge Boys bring the holidays and hits to Mid-Michigan.

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MT. PLEASANT (WJRT) - (12/01/2016) - "First of all it has become a way of life I think over the years the Oak Ridge Boys have become known for their Christmas music," Richard Sterban says. "And between now and December 23rd we're not going to be home. But that's a good problem to have."
The Oak Ridge Boys bass singer has gotten used to being on the road leading up to the holidays, as the legendary country group's Christmas tours have become an annual event. And this weekend the Oaks bring their latest version to Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant to help kickstart the holiday season in Mid-Michigan.
"We talk about the secular side of Christmas, the fun side of Christmas, we have a great Santa segment, we have our rocking chair segment where the four of us talk about childhood Christmas memories."
The Oaks just released their 7th Christmas album, Celebrate Christmas, but Sunday's show won't be solely holiday driven.
"If I had such a thing as a claim to fame, it would be Oomp Papa Oomp Papa Mowmow. And I think people look forward to that line. Elvira is our signature song, and it's the song that kinda made us who we are basically. And there's no way we could do a Christmas show without including that."
But the success of Elvira, and the Christmas shows he loves so much, almost never happened if he hadn't left a dream job singing with The King.
"Well you know, for about two and a half years prior to joining the Oak Ridge Boys, I sang in a group called JD Sumner and The Stamps Quarter. And for about a year and a half of that time, I sang with The King, which was an amazing experience. At that time Elvis was probably the biggest star in the world, his tour was the biggest tour in the music business back then, and to be a part of that was very, very exciting. I was singing with Elvis, William Lee Golden called me up and said the Oak Ridge Boys bass singer was leaving, would I be interested in the job. So even though I was singing with Elvis, and a lot of people questioned my decision, I decided to leave Elvis and to join the Oak Ridge Boys."

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