The housing market in Mid-Michigan is proving strong for sellers

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) The time to sell your home is now because sellers are getting offers above asking price in several cities around Mid-Michigan.

Real Estate agents say staging a home is one of the best options.

Amanda McHugh and her husband bought this 1100 square foot home in Grand Blanc back in 2014.

They decided it was time to upgrade and put their home on the market.

McHugh says they cleaned up and hire a designer to make their house more appealing.

“She came in, and she used a lot of our stuff that we already have to make our home look really nice,” McHugh told ABC 12.

This extra cost proved to help since the McHugh had one offer that was $5,000 over asking price.

“Houses are selling like hotcakes, and we still have low inventory for buyers,” Associate Broker at Berkshire Hathaway Carol Ray said.

Ray has been in real estate for around 30 years and never seen the market like it is today.
“People are going crazy to get into homes. They are doing everything thing they can,” Ray said.

There are options out there to protect sellers.

“We can put their home on the market subject to them finding a suitable home, so they are not out on a limb and homeless,” Ray told ABC 12.

Mchugh says her family had trouble finding a home.

So, they decided to go a different route to make sure they didn't lose out on getting a better home for her family.

"We actually put a couple offers on multiple homes, but we did not get. So, we are now building,´ McHugh said.

Ray says the hot spots to sell a home in the Genesee County market are in Fenton, Grand Blanc, and Linden.