Thetford Township police chief arrested amid military equipment investigation

Published: Aug. 22, 2018 at 4:46 PM EDT
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(8/22/2018) - Thetford Township Police Chief Robert Kenny was arrested this week in connection with an investigation into surplus military equipment his department received.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell scheduled a press conference for Thursday morning to discuss "the arrest and charges" Kenny is facing.

Court records show Kenny is charged with embezzlement and obstruction of justice dating back to 2012.

The sheriff's office has been investigating Thetford Township's use of more than $1 million worth of surplus military equipment obtained through the Law Enforcement Supports Office over the past decade.

Kenny obtained the equipment, including a large forklift down to several used sleeping bags, on behalf of the township's two-person police department.

Thetford Township Supervisor Gary Stevens has challenged Kenny for months to account for the whereabouts of the equipment. Much of it had been stored on private property inside and outside the township.

Earlier this year, a resident dropped off a large forklift and other equipment at the township hall after storing it on his land for years. The forklift then ended up in Stevens' driveway a few weeks later, leading to a $1,300 towing bill to remove it.

Kenny also turned in an envelope this spring containing nearly $5,000, which he told officials was the proceeds from selling some of the equipment for scrap metal.

In April, the sheriff's office raided the Thetford Township offices and seized several boxes of evidence.

The Thetford Township Board had planned to seek a public vote in November on whether residents wanted to continue the police department, but those plans were nixed when board members learned it was too late to get a question on the ballot.