Thetford Township considers recreational marijuana

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 11:25 PM EST
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(12/03/19)- Thetford Township has an ordinance for medical marijuana facilities, but it has yet to pass one for recreational marijuana.

And some believe the Township is missing out on revenue because of it.

More than 100 communities around the state have already opted out.

But with the big money spent in just the first few days of legalization others are taking notice.

Thetford Township opted out for 60 days and has a deadline looming.

Resident Cindy Hinks says, "We've been trying, we've been asking the administration, let us have a committee, let's work together, let us get something going here, but we've just been blown off."

A citizen-run meeting was held Tuesday as the community figures out where it stands on the issue.

"They want to get moving, and Obviously, Ann Arbor got moving on the first, they want to be right there next to them, so we are trying not to hold them up too, much but we definitely want the residents input in our township and we want to know where they stand behind this," says Board of Trustee member, Rachel Stanke.

The board has until January 1, 2020, to make a decision.

"This is a very huge topic. It is influencing everyone in the community. Everyone in the community is not on board with this," says Thetford Township resident, Margaret Castle.

"For people that have issues here in the township with marijuana, to try to come to an agreement with a lot of residents and try to make the best ordinance possible for the all of the residents of Thetford Township," Hinks says.

The Township Board will hold a meeting so residents can offer input, and possibly vote on it, on December 16th.

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