Thetford Township residents cry foul over stench from animal carcasses

GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) - (09/23/19)- Residents in one Mid-Michigan community are crying foul over what they said is the improper burial of animal remains on a property.

The Thetford Township neighbors said the animal carcasses are leaving a horrendous stench in the air.

Travis Scheuneman and his family moved into their home on Genesee Road last March.

He said some of his neighbors could not open their front doors because of the smell.

"As long as it's cold, they'll keep piling them there, I can see them from my front porch."

Scheuneman said property owner Jeff Berlin was using the land to bury horses, cows, and other animals.

Scheuneman said, "I don't know if you ever smelled roadkill, but if you could multiply that by a hundred..."

He said the smell is almost unbearable in the summer heat.

"We don't have central air, so it's been in the mid 90's this summer. Trying to sleep with the windows open, you can't even do it, you have to tough out the heat," Scheuneman said.

Several other neighbors also showed up to Monday's township meeting to complain about the stench.

The township said the property owner had received a cease and desist letter, but the county would have to take it from there.

"The supervisor and I have been out to the property. I did see two dead horses that were about to be buried. We did remind him of the cease and desist, we took pictures and reported back to one of our officers and I'm not sure what can be done," said trustee John Congdon.

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