Thomas Township workers give back to neighbors

THOMAS TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (08/13/19) - It's a day out of the office, but not a day off.

For the third year Thomas Township employees are giving back during Thomas Township Build Week.

"Most of our workers live here in Thomas Township. We're all connected to the community," explained Thomas Township Manager Russ Taylor. "We have kids go to the schools, we live here, we work here, we bank here, we shop here."

The effort is all about neighbors helping neighbors.

Two houses are being fixed up this week. One of them belongs to a woman who used to work part-time for Thomas Township.

Her yard is being spruced up, the garage be painted, and much more.

"Re-roofing the garage," Taylor said. "We've rebuilt the deck."

Alongside the township workers you'll find other familiar faces.

"A lot of the businesses in the community are joining us in helping to give back to the community from HSC to State Bank to Brown and Brown," Taylor said.

He estimates 15 to 20 businesses have pitched in. Those that didn't send workers, sent supplies or food.

Mike Colpaert at Hemlock Semiconductor is one of the volunteers. "I do a lot of home projects at home, but yeah, I'm usually sitting in front of a computer screen most of the day looking at the process, making sure things are running safe," he said.

Colpaert doesn't know the woman who lives at this home, but knows these updates will make her day-to-day life a bit easier.

"We'll have a nice railing on it, then the winter when it's slick she'll be fine to bring her groceries in," Colpaert said.

While the effort only takes a week, the impact will last much longer.

"We like to come out and show that we really care about the community and care about the people who live here," Taylor said.

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