Tiffany brings a change of pace to Mid-Michigan

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LEXINGTON (WJRT) - (09/01/2016) - "I'm enjoying doing this live show," Tiffany says from the road between New Buffalo and Grand Rapids. "Last night (at The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI) was really great because it was very spontaneous, everything that I kind of hoped this show was going to turn into."
The 80's pop star is traveling across Michigan this week on her Million Miles Acoustic Tour, which plays the Lexington Village Theatre Sunday. And she says early on in this tour, she's already been impressed by the venues she gets to perform in.
"Some of these theaters are beautiful. I mean, we just played one that was built in the 1800's. So there's a rapport there and there's kind of a magic there. So it's been really awesome. The stages are beautiful and you feel kind of the magic and the intimacy of the crowd. So it's been really great to take this show and redesign some of the older songs to fit this show. I think the intimacy and being able to see everybody and being able to do an acoustic breakdown on a lot of the older songs. You know, we say acoustic, but we've got a few tricks up our sleeve. It's not boring. You say acoustic people think, "Oh, ok." But we have a lot of energy and there's a lot of dips and valleys throughout the set."
Tiffany says she was a little nervous putting her new show together and re-working some of her classic songs. But she was able to ease into it and prepare her fans a bit using social media.
"It's been really great to have the fans involved from the very beginning. I've been doing a lot of social media from rehearsals and saying, 'Ok, this is what we're doing.' And the response that I got was really awesome."
She's even taking advantage of the more personal feel of the small venues by asking for even more fan involvement during her shows.
"I really was hoping the fans would feel comfortable just yelling out songs and the band being able to play them on the fly. You know, we have a set list, but it's nice just to be doin' music and bein' spontaneous."
Tiffany says that attitude is what helps keep her motivated and inspired to continue making music 30 years after first breaking into the business.
"There's nothing like being on the fly and having that adrenaline as a live performer. And I think the fans and just having interaction with them. And definitely taking time for myself and just being able to be a mom and a wife and just grow as a musician behind the scenes, I think that keeps me fresh as well. Because then I go out after I feel like I've collected all this confidence or new music or whatever else the next thing on the list I want to accomplish and I go out with a tenacity really."

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