Timeline: How the Central Michigan University shooting unfolded

Police in tactical gear search for James Eric Davis Jr. in a neighborhood near High Street in Mount Pleasant after a double murder on the campus of Central Michigan University.
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MOUNT PLEASANT (WJRT) (3/3/2018) - The Central Michigan University Police Department released a timeline Saturday afternoon, detailing their interactions with murder suspect James Davis Jr.

He is accused of shooting and killing his parents in his dorm room on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall, which is part of the Towers residence hall complex on the west side of campus.

Information from CMU police shows he likely was under the influence of a drug, but authorities haven't said whether it was illegal or prescription. That led to two encounters with an officer late late Thursday and early Friday, which ended with a trip to a local hospital.

-- Around 9 p.m.: An officer with the Central Michigan University Police Department stationed in Towers residence hall complex was approached by James Davis Jr. He seemed paranoid and claimed someone was trying to kill him.

-- Police launched an investigation into Davis Jr.'s concerns. CMU Police Chief Bill Yeagley said officers could only get vague information from Davis Jr., but they determined the person he was concerned about posed no threat.

-- Davis Jr. told police his cousin was coming on Friday morning to pick him up for spring break. He went back to his dorm on the fourth floor of Campbell Hall to sleep.

-- 1:30 a.m.: A CMU police officer found Davis, Jr. sitting in the lobby of Campbell Hall with luggage. Staff and the officers approached him and discovered that he appeared disoriented. During a conversation with officers, Davis, Jr. said he was under the influence of drugs.

-- CMU police contacted Davis Jr.'s parents in the Chicago area to discuss the situation. Police and his mother, Diva Davis, jointly decide it would be best for officers to take him to an area hospital.

-- In the wee hours of Friday, Davis Jr. was taken to an emergency room to receive monitoring and treatment for the suspected drug overdose.

-- Davis Jr.'s parents traveled to Mount Pleasant and picked him up at the emergency room when he gets released. They go from the hospital to Campbell Hall, where they began packing his belongings and load their car for the trip back to Illinois.

-- Around 9 a.m.: Davis Jr. carried a load of his belongings from from his dorm room to his parents' car in the parking lot. He retrieved a handgun registered to his father, James Davis Sr., from the car, tucks it into his waistband and goes back to his dorm on the fourth floor.

-- CMU police responded to calls of shots fired in Campbell Hall. Arriving officers quickly determine that Diva and James Davis Sr. both had been shot and killed. Their bodies were located inside Davis Jr.'s dorm suite on the fourth floor. Police say the murder weapon was recovered at the scene and registered to Davis Sr., who is a police officer in Bellwood, Ill.

-- Surveillance cameras caught footage of Davis Jr. running from the complex on foot north along railroad tracks on the west side of campus. The Mount Pleasant Police Department blankets the area, setting up a perimeter around the railroad tracks and a nearby park.

-- Throughout the day, more than 100 law enforcement officials from local, state and federal agencies join the search for Davis Jr. Police in tactical gear were seen going door to door through neighborhoods north of campus while K-9 teams attempted to establish tracks. A Michigan State Police helicopter circled overhead.

-- Around dusk, police gave up the door to door search effort and set up frequent patrols through the area they believed Davis Jr. was hiding.

-- 12:10 a.m.: A train passed through the area north of campus and a worker on board noticed someone standing near the railroad crossing at Bellows Street. He reported that information, which relayed to CMU police.

-- CMU police officers were in the area within two minutes to investigate who the train employee saw. Davis Jr. was arrested without incident roughly a minute after officers contacted him.

-- Davis Jr. was transported to an area hospital for treatment of hypothermia and continued effects of the drug overdose he was suffering from. He was admitted and remained in the hospital through Saturday afternoon with a police officer posted as a guard outside his room.

Yet to come
-- Davis Jr. will be released from the hospital and taken to the Isabella County Jail when doctors complete his treatment. Authorities do not have a timetable for his release from the hospital.

-- He will be charged with two counts of open murder, one for each of his parents, along with a felony firearms charge. Arraignment will take place in Isabella County District Court. If convicted, Davis Jr. faces up to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Whitney Smith talks with ABC12 by phone in her fifth floor dorm at Campbell Hall in the Towers residence hall complex on the campus of Central Michigan University.

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