Tiny town of Fosters rocked by brazen robbery of gun case bolted to floor

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (5/14/2019) - The small community of Fosters in Saginaw County was stunned by a brazen robbery, as guns were stolen from a home.

Police spent Tuesday trying to find the guns.

A man who lives on Busch Road told police he went to work on Monday morning and he found his home ransacked when he returned home. He didn't want to discuss the case Tuesday because he was scared.

"That's really scary, and I have a lot of grandkids that live with me," said Robbin Harrington, who lives close to where the break-in happened.

Police believe up to seven long guns and pistols were taken from the house. The guns were locked in a gun case that was bolted to the floor.

The gun case was taken too, along with a significant amount of ammunition. Police believe more than one person was involved.

"You fear for your safety, you know," Harrington said. "I mean, especially if they can break in and steal it bolted."

Police believe a dark-colored SUV was seen driving away from the home at the time the robbery would have taken place.

"Most people look out for everybody out here," said Jon Bradd, who lives on Busch Road, not far from the break-in. "Surprising really. Not too much goes on out here."

Tom Renner has lived in Fosters for 25 years, a community that once had a pickle plant. He can't remember the last time the town had a crime like this.

"It concerns me, because I have guns myself," he said.

Until the perpetrators are caught, Harrington is going to make sure her family doesn't become a target.

"I'm going to make sure everything is locked up real tight because I don't want anything like that happening here," she said.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Michigan State Police.