Tips and tricks to thaw your frozen car

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(WJRT) - (1/12/2018) - Not everyone gets to park their car inside when winter weather strikes, which can cause quite a headache the next time they need to drive it.

Here are some tips and tricks from auto experts to ease the frustration:

-- Windshield wipers: Put them up, not touching your windshield.

"It keeps your windshield wipers from icing to the windshield," said Scott Hubbs with McFall's Collision. "When you pull 'em out, you may rip 'em, which is gonna make your drive ability worse the next morning."

-- Windshield: Cover it in a tarp to catch the snow and ice, so when you take it off, it'll be spotless.

-- Tire pressure: Keep an eye on your tires. When it's cold out, the air in your tires shrinks, resulting in a drop in pressure.

Hubbs said it's important to fill your tires back up, even if the temperature is expected to rise the next day.

"The tire manufacturers give a little bit of variant for those types of conditions. Just keep an eye on it. It's very rare that the tire bursts from being overinflated, but I would keep it within a couple pounds of its recommended rating," he said.

-- Frozen Door Handles: Grab the door frame, as well, to avoid breaking the handle.

-- Frozen keyhole: Dip your key in hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to help break the ice in the keyhole.

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