Tow truck operators in action for first accumulating snow

Published: Nov. 9, 2018 at 4:28 PM EST
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(11/9/18) - For most of us, this morning's snow was the first accumulation of the season.

And with it, comes the usual fender benders and spin-outs from slippery roads.

While it looks pretty, it only takes a little snow to create slippery driving conditions.

Earlier this morning, snow gathered on grass and cars.

Melted snow created wet roads all across our area due to road temperatures above freezing.

However, some bridges, entrance and exit ramps or other elevated surfaces were a bit colder, as well as some puddling and ponding on surface streets.

That led to some accidents requiring the service of local tow truck operators.

"Well, the first snow, we've been pretty steady so far, I mean, probably our normal amount of calls. Roads aren't too bad yet. You still got to be careful and watch out for the slick spots, so even though it is melting, it is still slick outside, so you got to be cautious," said Jeremy Beagle, a tow truck operator for Burton Towing in Flint.

As temperatures dip below the freezing mark tonight, there could be some slippery spots as well as another batch of light snow overnight into Saturday morning, so please exercise caution.

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