Tradition continues, 'Young Guys' win 72nd Finger Bowl

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FLINT (WJRT) - (1/1/2018) - "At first you're cold, but once you start moving I'm sweating," Paul Krause laughed.

He and his brother Fred have been playing since they were 10-years-old.

"My Father every year he'd drag us out of bed and he'd dress us up to come on out here and play," Paul said.

"He and his buddies, that was their tradition," Fred explained. "Most of them are gone now, but the tradition when I was growing up, my friends started playing and as time went on. My kids played and now some of my grandkids are out here. So we've kept it going all these years!"

It's the old timers in red versus the young guys in yellow.

"The game's called the Finger Bowl because tradition has it in the first few games, somebody broke a finger. In fact, over the years I broke a couple," Fred said.

But 72-years and several healed wounds later, every player keeps coming back to Flint's Central High School field.

"A lot of these guys, the only time I see 'em is at this football game," Mark Martel said. "We've got people coming from Denver usually every year to play. They come from all over just to get back, get together and play a little football."

It turned out to be a close game this year, the young guys in yellow won by just 2 points. The final score -- 22 to 20.

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