Train derailment blocks crossings between Bridgeport and Birch Run, ignites grass fires

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SAGINAW COUNTY (WJRT) (3/23/2018) - A train derailment temporarily blocked several railroad crossings between Bridgeport and Birch Run.

Grooves in the pavement show where a derailed train car got dragged across a railroad crossing in Saginaw County.

The northbound train was moving along rail lines just west of I-75 around 5 p.m. when one car came off the tracks. The train dragged the car for a distance while it came to a stop.

Sparks from the train car scraping along the tracks ignited multiple small grass fires along the tracks from Bridgeport to Birch Run. Fire crews had to use all-terrain vehicles to access the fires in remote areas.

Railroad officials at the scene said wheel bearings on the car failed, causing it to become dislodged. Sections of rail and several crossings were damaged when the derailed car got dragged across.

Fire crews reported no hazardous materials leaked and nobody was injured. There was a small fire reported that bystanders were able to extinguish before firefighters arrived.

The train engine came to a stop in the Bridgeport area. Train cars blocked crossings to the south, including Busch Road, Townline Road and Curtis Road, until the train got moving again.

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