Transgender homecoming prince brushes off Westboro Baptist Church picket

Published: Oct. 3, 2018 at 5:33 PM EDT
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(10/3/2018) - "You can’t let people define the way you’re going to think about yourself," Grand Blanc High School Senior Kourt Frame said. "You’re yourself. You have to be rooted in what you believe; and you know, just live your truth."

Kourt Frame didn't always believe those words. He's long known he was transgender, but didn't initially feel comfortable coming out.

"So I just feel like personally I just want to make it not like that," he said. "I want to make things so that people aren’t afraid to come out. So it’s not something, you know, that doesn’t have such a big stigma behind it."

In October 2016, Frame changed the game, helping to diminish the stigma. His classmates nominated him to the homecoming court. Frame won the title of 'Prince'.

"Kourt is a young person who gets involved, believes in making a difference and Kourt has done that here in Grand Blanc," Superintendent Clarence Garner said. "So whether it’s being on our homecoming Kourt, whether it’s Kourt being in our musicals and our plays, which happens. Kourt is an amazing young person."

"The entire community, Genesee County and Wayne County, too, have been incredibly supportive," Frame added.

And that support hasn't stopped.

Just last week, the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church announced they'd be picketing Grand Blanc High School on Homecoming Day because of Frame.

The release from the organization states "God's curse is heavy upon the land and delusions abound. Grand Blanc had a homecoming Prince, but it's girl!"

Frame said the announcement prompted kind words from friends and even strangers on social media.

"Just the recent event really kind of blind sided us a little bit because everything has been so positive, but this is really just not a big deal," Mom Sherri Frame said.

"You're from Kansas, but you’re coming 900 miles to come see me? For something that happened two years ago? Grow up!" Frame added.

The Frames don't mention the name of the organization on purpose.

"If they do actually show up, I wanna go see what’s going on to support people that are going to be counter protesting," Frame explained. "I don’t know how much I’ll get into that, simply because I don’t want to give them that platform, don’t want to give them the resistance that they’re looking for."

Westboro Baptist is also expected at Flint's Southwestern High School and U of M Flint Friday.