Treasures abound at century-old Rust Mansion estate sale in Saginaw

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SAGINAW (WJRT) (9/13/2019) - A big part of Saginaw's history is on sale for the next three weekends.

Thousands of collectibles, vintage items and bits of history are for sale at the historic Rust Mansion in Saginaw.

Many people have driven on Ezra Rust Drive in Saginaw, but not many have been on Rust family property. The home known as the River Mansion is for sale.

"There are literally thousands of really interesting things," said Eric Humpert of Forester Relocation, Estate and Appraisal.

Those thousands of interesting things are in the carriage house that sits on Washington Avenue on Saginaw's east side. The carriage house, an upstairs apartment and the more than 6,000-square-foot home are part of an estate sale.

The property belonged to the family of one of Saginaw's lumber barons, Ezra Rust, who died in 1918.

"There was Amasa Rust and Charles Rust. They were brothers and we found things of theirs in the house," Humpert said.

Saginaw property records indicate the house was built in 1919. The Rust last family relative to live in the mansion is moving out.

"The reason you want to do something like this is the history that is involved, the interesting things," Humpert said. "There are so many people that just want to come to see the home."

Dozens of people made their way through the rain to take a look at the property on Friday.

"We live in the area and saw a unique property. We wanted to check it out -- fascinating history of Saginaw," said Jim Gladstone, who lives across the river with his wife, Diane.

They found some treasures they plan to give their grandson.

The estate sale will continue over the next three weekends, with the eventual sale of the entire property. The asking price for the century-old home has not been announced yet.

Prices for items set today will be half off tomorrow. They range from modern collectibles and furniture to Rust family artifacts and vintage furniture.

"Things from the 1800s, vintage costumes -- lots of really cool stuff," Humpert said.