Trees pierce Tuscola County garage, other damage reported

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TUSCOLA COUNTY (WJRT) - (09/11/19) - It's been a tough year for Mid-Michigan farmers as they worked to keep up with the extreme, ever-changing weather conditions.

Tuesday night a few Tuscola County farmers took another hit from Mother Nature.

"After all the wet spring we had, trying to get crops in the ground. And then the dry, extremely dry summer, and now this," said Dennis Wagner who lives and farms in Tuscola County. "Three strikes and you're out, but we gotta keep going."

Wagner would rather be farming, but on Wednesday he had to focus on clean up.

When the storm rolled through Wagner was about 15 minutes away, and the sky was calm.

But after getting a call from his wife he hurried home to find quite the mess. "I said, 'wow'. I just couldn't believe it. Just amazing," he said.

His family has lived in the home for 45 years. This is the first time trees have come down.

The garage took a direct hit. "You can see the tree went right through it," Wagner said.

Amazingly his wife's brand new SUV appears to be okay. "Don't even have 200 miles on it. One went on the one side, and one went on the other side, and the Tahoe's sitting right in the middle. Never touched it," Wagner said.

The storm damage moved well beyond the Wagner's home.

Not too far away a barn toppled on Dixon Road, and trees and powers lines came down in several locations.

Closer to Reese High School, Wagner's grandson heard quite the noise.

"I looked outside and I was like, 'oh shoot there's a tree on the house'. And then I went outside, to just poke my head out and I seen a tree over my brother's bedroom," Roman Wagner said.

Thankfully no one was hurt at either of the Wagner homes, but they do have some repairs in their future.

"Get a tree service and we'll cut them down, but a, basically the garage is probably, I would say, probably $4,000 to $5,000, maybe $6,000 worth of damage," the elder Wagner said.

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