Mateen Cleaves faces July 30 trial on 2015 sexual assault allegations

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FLINT (WJRT) (6/28/2019) - The criminal trial against former MSU Basketball star Mateen Cleaves is expected to begin July 30th.

Friday's hearing was set to tie up loose ends ahead of that date.

Cleaves' attorney, Frank Manley, said he's been ready, but he does still have a few concerns.

Manley explained, "My utmost concern is that we get a fair trial. That's all I've ever asked is that we get a fair trial. And some of the things that we talked about here today - if there's evidence that should come in that judges the credibility of the complainant - then I want to make sure that that evidence comes in."

The complainant's testimony is what originally got this case thrown out. A judge made that ruling during the preliminary exam in December 2016, saying Cleaves' accuser contradicted herself and was evasive during questioning.

But in April 2017, a circuit court judge reversed that decision explaining there is enough evidence for trial.

Mateen Cleaves, a Flint native who went on to become a basketball star at Michigan State University, is accused of sexually assaulting the woman at a Mundy Township hotel in 2015.

Manley asked the judge to dismiss the case in court Friday, saying he still doesn't have a witness list, among other concerns.

The Judge also heard two motions from the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office , involving DNA evidence and whether or not a video can be shown. She said she'll rule on both by Monday.

A big group showed up in support of Cleaves, just one of many reasons Manley said Cleaves has been able to push through these past almost 4 years.

"My client has been a victim of a long, long drawn out legal campaign; and fortunately, he's very strong and he's very strong-minded. And the thing that gets him through, in our opinion, is the fact that he knows he's innocent," Manley said.

Again, trial is expected to begin July 30th and last about 4 to 5 days. The Judge believes jury selection before that could also take a couple of days.

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