Triple Double Academy teaches Flint boys to win on the court, at home, in class

Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 6:33 PM EDT
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(6/17/2019) - The Triple Double Academy is at the New Standard Academy in Flint this week.

It's for boys in the community ages 10-15.

They're learning from some basketball pros and within that fun, the camp is also focused on building their character.

"We don't have a problem with you being dynamic on the field, dynamic on the court; but, we want you to be just as dynamic at home, just as dynamic in the classroom, just as dynamic in life. You don't have to choose. It's not either-or. It's both-and," motivational speaker Eric Thomas said.

His son and fellow organizer, Jalin Thomas, added. "Especially in Flint, as well, you know with what they're going through. Just to show them they're important and people care, you know, that's what I really wanted them to get... They're focused, smart kids, you know, great to work with."

Eric and Jalin are the father-son duo behind the camp.

Jalin worked for MSU basketball and has a few players helping out. His Dad is using his motivational speaking platform to uplift the kids.

The 2-day camp is free.

Eric said throughout the day the kids rotate from basketball drills to workshops, run by financial leaders and even someone from NASA.

One participant who's about to be a sophomore in high school said he's already learning a lot.

"Not just the basketball, like the speaking he's giving us is really, like getting into the speaking, he's telling us about what should be done in life, other than basketball what do we want to be," 15-year-old Kamron Tyler said. "Like I personally want to be a nurse, I want to go to ASU - Arizona State University."

This was their first time in Flint; but, the Thomas family said they're hoping to come back throughout the school year.