Woman says poll workers mishandled her ballot in Flint mayoral primary

Published: Aug. 7, 2019 at 11:29 PM EDT
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(08/07/19) - Mezon Green feels the importance of voting, but she said the process of casting her ballot in the Flint mayoral primary on Tuesday didn't go well.

Green said her polling place at the Brennan Center wasn't ready on time for the polls to open at 7 a.m. When she finally got to vote, Green was concerned with how poll workers handled her ballot.

"He took my ballot and he opened it and I'm looking like, 'You are not supposed to open it' and he tore the piece off and he gave it back to me, and I said I need to put it somewhere," Green said. "He said, 'Well the machine's not working' and I said, 'Why is the machine not working. I'm No. 2 to vote.'"

What happened next stunned her and she pulled out her phone to capture it.

"So he said, 'You can just leave it on the table.' I said, 'I'm not going to leave my vote on the table,'" Green said. "And there was like six people behind me, and so everybody else, they just left their ballot on the table. And I'm like, this is not right for this ballot to be on the table."

She had no choice but to leave it.

"I was almost in tears when I left," Green said.

Ever since she was a little girl, Green's father taught her the importance of exercising her constitutional rights.

"I have to vote. I don't care what kind of vote is, I have to vote," she said.

Green said she contacted the state of Michigan, the Genesee County Clerk's Office and Flint City Clerk Inez Brown about the voting problems.

"My grandmothers marched and was spit on and they fought for my right to be able to vote," she said.

Brown said 400 election workers in Flint are trained to put ballots in auxiliary boxes in situations like Green's. She apologized to Green for what happened.

"I was never offered an auxiliary box. I didn't know nothing about an auxiliary box," Green said.

The Flint mayoral race brought 9,051 votes Tuesday with Mayor Karen Weaver and current State Rep. Sheldon Neeley getting the most. They advance to a head-to-head race in the Nov. 5 general election.

Green fears her vote wasn't one of the 9,051.

"I don't trust the city of Flint. I don't trust the administration. I don't trust them," she said.

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